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  1. Select up to six crew members' chat or stream by using the drop down menus on the top left and right of the website.
  2. Modify each stream's audio and quality individually.
  3. For MLG chat, you will need to stop the stream from playing in the chat area by selecting 'full screen' and hitting pause. You can then exit full screen.


*To load MLG Chat, select the streamer's chat in the dropdown box, press the "full screen button" and hit pause. Otherwise the stream will also play in the chat.

Once a stream is loaded, it cannot be removed, only changed with a different stream.

Multi-Crew has been tested with Chrome 39, FireFox 31 and IE 11.

If you run NoScript (or similar extension) you might need to disable it in order to view the streams (due to flash, javascript and iframes being used).

MultiCrew created by Dix0nCider.